Productive Things to Do While Watching TV

Depending on your capabilities, you can multitask while watching TV shows, and it is even better if you do something productive. While relaxing and watching something on Netflix or HBO Max, how about doing activities on this list?


Yoga is an exercise that many people have been getting into lately, mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic and how beneficial it is to the body. If you lack any exercise, why not try yoga instead? There are a plethora of poses available online for watching TV, and they sure are relaxing. Yoga isn’t also demanding when it comes to focusing, so you can still fully catch everyone that is going on on-screen while doing something good for your body. A win-win situation, most definitely.

Organizing Email

Adulting always involves email, as work nowadays mostly relies on fast wireless communication to make things possible. That said, emails are at risk of being unorganized very quickly, and doing something about it would take some time. If you’re binge-watching something, you can multitask email organizing very efficiently as it won’t take too much of your focus.


Nowadays, TV shows aren’t limited to TVs anymore, as even mobile devices can now stream these shows without any hassle. That said, you can quickly bring your phone to the kitchen and watch anything without worrying too much about space. However, take note that high-level cooking foods require higher focus as well, so you might have to prepare if you want to tackle it this way. It is a lot better if you’re cooking something simple or light so that you can still catch up with how the episode’s going.

Online Shopping

Grocery shopping is now several taps away, and that is all thanks to e-commerce websites offering grocery items to be delivered at your doorsteps. If you think that your supplies wouldn’t last that much longer, why not do an online shopping session while watching your favorite show while sitting on your couch?

Pet Bonding

Cats, dogs, and other house pets deserve bonding time as well. Since it is an activity that doesn’t require much of your focus, you can easily squeeze it in a while watching something from Netflix. You can cuddle close with your pets or even play with some toys with them; as long as it wouldn’t be that much of a distraction, you can do it as much as you want.

TV shows and other forms of media can now be enjoyed by millions of people in various outlets and platforms. It means that the possibilities of the things you can do while watching a series are limitless, letting many people stay productive while enjoying a fun leisure time.

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