About Us

Hey there! First, we would like to thank you for visiting our blogging site; it means a lot.

We, as a group, collectively love media and entertainment. More specifically, TV shows and series; that’s why we decided to make an outlet for us to share our passion and knowledge with those interested in this topic.

TV shows have been a big part of our life. All of us grow up endlessly watching titles and different genres; that is why we think that we are all more than qualified for this. Way back then, TV shows are impressive, and everyone must wait before it airs. Most of the time, they do it weekly, and sometimes, TV channels would re-run them and have them aired daily. Nonetheless, it is a very exquisite experience; the excitement and anticipation are genuinely impressive.

Nowadays, however, a TV series can be viewed anytime you want. However, the feeling of waiting for the next episode is still there, as most streaming services are always taking time to release each episode in a series. The power of streaming services has changed TV series entirely, and although it isn’t a bad one, many people are still longing for that old-school experience that everyone loves and treasures. Despite these changes, the art of TV shows is still there; it is even made a lot better because of these new streaming services’ initiatives.

You can count on the contributors and collaborators when it comes to reviews, recommendations, and the latest updates on what’s the hottest series to look forward to. Every year, we see a dramatic increase in quality on TV releases, and with streaming services taking the helm for producing this content, we can expect it to rise even higher. Thus, you’ll have the best reason to visit this blog, to hear our thoughts, or we can even discuss it more if you like!

However, everyone should be aware that all thoughts and opinions on this website are entirely subjective. Anyone shouldn’t be triggered about a particular take or comment by any collaborator about something, even if it isn’t controversial at all. That said, we encourage everyone to be mindful of the words and discussions to keep it clean and civilized as we made this blog to have fun with people we share an interest with.

Our group looks forward to our discussions and conversations, and hopefully, we all get along with each other. The spirit of TV shows will continue, and we thrive on immortalizing it by using my blog as an instrument.

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