How Wedding Videography Applies to Non-Traditional Ceremonies

In Sydney, celebrating the bond of two humans is nothing short of spectacular: from the food to the preparations, to the guests, and the memories. And of course, Sydney-based wedding videography adds the final element in making weddings a true showstopper not only for the guests, family, and friends but for the couple as well. While we often think this kind of celebration is associated with religious rituals, there are actually other kinds of weddings that exist and deserve the same special treatment.

While Catholic and Christian weddings are the most prominent, there are other kinds of weddings held in Sydney as well. In 2019, there were over 113,000 marriages registered according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Portions of it are same-sex marriages, civil unions, and perhaps other types of wedding ceremonies as well. Just the same, having a wedding film agency capture these special moments comes with no judgment or preference. All weddings are special and here’s how they can help.

Civil unions  

Including Sydney-based wedding videography in your plan may not seem so practical for a civil wedding but actually, it’s not a bad idea at all! While Church weddings focus more on the rituals and traditions, civil unions are more raw and straightforward. The video team can put emphasis on the vows made and the intimacy of the occasion as these types of weddings are often intimate and small. Ceremonies like these also tend to be flexible and a little less rigid so the video team can even play around with come creative concepts and ideas.

Humanist ceremonies

This type of ceremony may have been unheard of but it’s slowly catching popularity. Humanist weddings are non-religious and highly inclusive. It instead focuses on intent and authenticity since there is no specific religious ritual or tradition to follow. Couples can infuse their cultural influences, enabling videographers to capture stunning wedding videos! The video team can capture those unique moments, the light moments, and the realness of the ceremony which is also recognized legally in Australia according to the Humanist Celebrant Network.

Same-sex marriage

For LGBTQIA+ members of society, same-sex marriage is a total win in Australia. Since its legalization in 2017, new unions have finally been made possible. In 2019 alone, over 5,000 same-sex marriages were registered, 2,000 of which came from New South Wales. Known to be colorful, unique, and filled with heartfelt moments, it is impossible not to get Sydney-based wedding videography into the picture. The video team is more than capable of capturing timeless moments for a same-sex couple and their friends and family. 

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